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Events in Styria

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Gösser Kirtag - fun fair and secret national holiday in Leoben

October 8th 2020 – innercity and the Gösser Street Leoben

Der Kutscher sitzt auf seiner geschmückten KutscheGösser Kirtag, © TV Leoben, picture: Freisinger

The Gösser Kirtag belongs for a long time already to the most traditional and most visited fun fairs in Austria. It is always the Thursday in October after the first Sunday.

The origin of the Gösser Kirtag is from the time around 1836 and was a privilege from Emperor Ferdinand and till today the same kept October date.

Traditional and most visited fun fair

With about 4.000 meter length is the Gösser Kirtag the longest fun fair street in Austria. Thousands of Krügerl beer, ginger bread hearts, chicken and sausages are being bought by the 30.000 visitors on that secret national holiday. From the main-square to the entrance of the Gösser brewery, there are the sales stands as well as the gastronomy stands, and a musical program from the inner-city till Göss being offered.

Date: October 8th 2020

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